Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie Review: Idiocracy

Luke Wilson stars in this hilarious-yet-simplistic movie about the dumbing down of future American society in the year 2505. Joe Bauers (Wilson) is a go-nowhere completely average military librarian who is selected for a military-run human hibernation experiment which is supposed to last one year. Rita (Maya Rudolph), Joe’s female counterpart in the study, is actually a prostitute. She is selected due to a lack of completely average female soldiers. As expected, something goes wrong causing Joe and Rita to wake up 500 years in the future. As explained by voice-over, the bottom end of the intelligence gene pool out breeds "civilized" society. This results in Joe and Rita being the smartest people alive on the planet.

This movie has quite a few laugh-out-loud moments. If you are up for a good stupid comedy, I can highly recommend this one. While the story is simple, there is almost a scary reality to it. At the risk of turning a simple movie review into a social/political commentary, the dumb far out breed the smart. In a short time, geologically speaking, we will be overwhelmed by those who only speak "Slanglish."

From the title, to the description, to the end credits, this movie delivers exactly what you would expect… 84 minutes of mental diversion and some great laughs to boot.

Random Thoughts: Screen Actors Guild Awards

A quick random thought today...

Does anyone really care about the SAG Awards? Really? All they are are a chance for actors to sexually gratify each other without anyone having to take their cloths off.

The only argument that I can think of to justify this awards show would be that an actor is the most qualified to judge the performance of another actor. Of course, if said actor was such a good judge of acting, he should be the recipient of the award instead of the judge.

Just imagine what kind of fantastic entertainment would be produced if all these "expert actor judges" put their knowledge and expertise into acting instead of awards shows. We would probably get at least 3 movies a year that would be worth watching.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baby Video: Laura, Time To Wake Up

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Movie Review: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) plays the role of unsuspecting art gallery owner or coordinator or something in this ultra-predictable, but fast moving movie. Little do we know, she is also known as G-Girl.

Super powers aside, Jenny is super jealous and super controlling and super annoying. No one who is so self absorbed would ever even think about helping anyone other than himself (or in this case, herself). Taken as a generic movie, the characters are completely unlikable, other than supporting characters Vaughn Haige (Rainn Wilson) and Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris). Taken as a comedy, the only real scene that deserved a chuckle was the shark-through-the-window scene which was shown in the trailer.

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) rounds out the cast of jerks in this movie. While he is usually a decent straight-man comedy actor, you can only play the role you are given. Unfortunately this was a very one-dimensional role and the greatest acting in the world could not save it.

The one saving grace, as I said, was that this movie was fast moving. One reason for that was the length. At 96 minutes, one barely has time to finish an extra-large bucket of popcorn. Fortunately, the worst this movie will cost you now is rental price. With a lot of movies at Blockbuster going for $1 per day, it is almost worth it to see this movie.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Baby Video: Look at little Laura!!!

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