Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bees: Looks like they made it through

I haven't opened the hive yet, but it looks like some portion of the bees have made it through our extremely mild winter. They have been cleansing every somewhat warm day and for the past week, they have been foraging. I had my "cold frames" set up which are really just teepees made from two windows, attached with hinges. Inside, the weeds were blooming happily in the slightly warmer micro-climate. The bees were working the handful of flowers right outside the cold frame, so I figured they were hungry. I removed the teepees and a couple hours later, the bees are all over the blooms. I took some photos. Here they are:

A bee

Another bee

Umm, another bee
Two bees for the price of one

Buy two bees, get the third bee free